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Our SDT light run configuratorHight-bay field luminaires

  • simply and in quick steps to a perfect planning
  • seamless quantity surveying  and  inviting offers
  • clear and comfortable data management
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Progress needs innovations that lead away from supposedly predetermined paths. In turn, innovations require both boldness and confi dence in the technology concerned. To fi nd solutions for the challenges of our time, we have to work together in networks and interact more intensively – extending our horizons. Without such cooperation, there can be no adequate and modern answers to these challenges in our ever more complex world. So we are enhancing our innovative strength by forming better networks in order to promote new technologies. This is the Advanced Services approach.


Sports and leisure facilitiesTop light for sports and leisure activities

Good visibility demands balanced, harmonised lighting and this is especially true for sports centres.


Professional seminarsinformative · competent · practice-focused

Light is our common profession - let us inspire and train you with practical and theoretical knowledge relating to the topic illumination. You will surely discover new things for your personal and professional everyday activity.


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