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hara hara - state of the art high bay reflector lighting

When implementing energy efficient lighting design in industrial and commercial environments, the lighting planning today is dictated by high requirements for functionality, efficiency and sustainability. hara luminaires are state of the art and easily meet all of these requirements. In addition, you can also expect high quality light technology and high lumen output. The environment is not always free of air humidity and dust. This has also been taken into consideration and different protection ratings have been implemented to prevent any problems. Long maintenance intervals and significant cost benefits are further advantages compared with conventional solutions.

hara-HRHT T5

Mirror reflector, highly specular direct narrow distribution

Type designation Configuration Color Ballast
hara-HRHT T5 4x28/54W vw DALI ECG
hara-HRHT T5 4x28/54W vw ECG
hara-HRHT T5 4x35/49/80W vw DALI ECG
hara-HRHT T5 4x35/49/80W vw ECG

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