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High bay reflector and field luminairesRise to major challenges

Surface-mounted luminaires have to stand out through resilience and high output in demanding industrial conditions. Alongside the powerful performance, energy efficiency and long maintenance intervals are also particularly important.

quantaquanta – in the next generation

  • Extremely robust housing (IK 07), protected against ball impact
  • 3 output levels from 13,300 to 43,600 lumen
  • Lighting technologies for any application - from wide to deep to extremely deep/batwing broad illumination
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of -25 °C to +45 °C
  • Protection rating: IP 66 with D-marking

workerworker – the energy bar for hard work

  • Robust high bay surface luminaire with protection rating IP54 or IP65 with D-marking
  • Efficient, anti-glare lighting technology with Individual.Lens.Optic
  • Lighting characteristics from wide beam through wide/narrow beam to narrow beam
  • Output levels from 14,700 to 29,800 lumen
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of -20°C to +45 °C

harahara - state of the art high bay reflector lighting

  • High-bay wide-area luminaire for surface or suspended mounting
  • Available with LED modules or T5 fluorescent configurations
  • Lighting technologies for every application ranging from wide-beam to narrow/wide to narrow-beam
  • Dimmable luminaires for the use of efficiency-enhancing controls
  • Further applications thanks to protection classes IP20 to IP54 and up to IP54

cakecake – a shining delight

  • Extremely robust (IK 08) die-cast aluminium housing
  • 2 output levels from approx. 14,000 to approx. 24,000 lumens
  • Lighting technology for every application ranging from extra-wide-beam to narrow-beam
  • Single-point suspension, with IP65 protection rating with D-marking
  • Refractor and mounting bracket available as accessories

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