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Rapid installation light run LED IP20 Quick-fit rail installation, safe and complete

Mounting rails for the SDT system are equipped with flat ribbon cables at the factory. Built-in plug connections – with five, seven or eleven poles – ensure quick contact. There are additional versions available with five or seven times 1.5 mm² flat ribbon cables for lower current loads. The eleven-pole circuitry takes the increasing need to integrate control lines to lighting management into account. This explains the different cable cross-sections and load specifications of seven times 2.5 mm² and four times 1.5 mm². Please note that a special version of the device mount must be ordered in order to use all cables. There are special mounting rail fittings available so that installation is just as fast around corners as it is in straight lines. The L, T and X nodes and flexible connecting cables allow the simple and rapid implementation of demanding planning schemes such as grids or island layouts. Everything else needed for perfect installation can be found in the comprehensive range of accessories: from ceiling attachment through detachable or non-detachable track connectors to chain, wire or pendant rods for suspending the system.


Individual.Lens.Optic frosted - direct/indirect diffuse distribution

Type designation Configuration Color Ballast
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 4000 840 vw DALI
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 4000 840 vw ED
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 6000 840 vw DALI
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 6000 840 vw ED
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 7700-4600 840 vw EDM
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 8000 840 vw DALI
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 8000 840 vw ED
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 9000 840 vw DALI
SDT+SDGOG/1500 LED 9000 840 vw ED

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