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Standing and wall-mounted luminairesOutstanding soloists

They assume a special position in the concerto of lighting solutions. They can shine as individual solutions or are entrusted with roles that can only be filled with special qualities on account of their exposure. This is why they are usually accentuated in terms of both design and light distribution.

visulavisula floor luminaire – function combined with design

  • LED free-standing luminaire for two-component office lighting
  • LED wall-mounted luminaire for vertical luminous intensities
  • Top marks for luminous efficacy and efficiency
  • Free-standing luminaire with separately switchable or dimmable direct / indirect lighting components
  • Flat and weightless form by Busse Design+Engineering
  • Homogeneous light emission due to LED edge light injection

smilesmile - this smile is infectious

  • LED mirror luminaire for wall mounting
  • Uncompromising classic design
  • Opal satin-finish polycarbonate diffuser
  • Natural anodised housing base

alviaalvia wall luminaire - light technology for efficient lighting

  • Compact wall-mounted luminaire made of high quality materials
  • Impressive installation despite small dimensions
  • Choice of output levels for various direct and indirect lighting components
  • Purist design and innovative lighting technology

MLSMLS mirror luminaire – radiant, soft and free of glare

  • T5 mirror luminaire for wall mounting
  • Timeless classic triangular shape in IP54 for sanitary facilities
  • Opal satin-finish polycarbonate diffuser
  • Quality aluminium housing base

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