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cubus cubus – efficiency improvements made easy

Energy efficiency with luminaires is achieved with the intelligent interplay and matching of optimal individual components. The cubus family makes planning and installation easier for all involved. For typical applications and requirements Regiolux lighting concepts and circuit diagrams are made available. In addition, the control components and sensors required for the systems are integrated in the master lights. This way much more than 50% of the energy requirements can be saved. The family of lighting systems itself convinces with the multitude of advantages of a modern lighting series concept: integrated light run connectors, easily removable face ends and optically homogenous louvre. The puristic rectangular cross-section ensures clear lines. This means that all lighting plans and tasks can be quickly and reliably realized.

cubus-RMAC T5

Louvre, white direct distribution

Type designation Configuration Color Ballast
cubus-RMAC T5 1x28/54W vw ECG
cubus-RMAC T5 1x35/49/80W vw ECG
cubus-RMAC T5 1x49W vw ECG EM-B3
cubus-RMAC T5 1x80W vw ECG EM-B3
cubus-RMAC T5 2x35/49W vw ECG
cubus-RMAC T5 2x49W vw ECG EM-B3

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