Switching signal

Switching control devices
LC-BEG BSK safety cage for sensors. Tested to IK09, dimensions in mm: approx. Ø 164 x H 143.
Remote control and programming tool. Infra-red remote control for the control of LC-BEG-PD4 sensors.  Installation aid and programming tool. Four predefined brightness values for the switch-on value of the lighting; selection completely or semi-automatic; predefined switch-on times of the lighting: pulse, 15 s to 30 min.; predefined switch-on times for device control: pulse, 5 to 120 min.; saving of the current dimming value as switch-on and/or switch-off value; permanent anti-sabotage protection; range up to a max. of MH=8m. Wall mount included in scope of delivery.
Light/presence sensor for ceiling surface mounting. Presence detector, with circular and long-range monitoring area, 1 switching channel for switching light (potential-free); high-performance relay for switching high lamp outputs; any number of slave devices for low-cost extension of the monitoring area can be connected; settings manual and via remote control; monitoring area see table, lateral Ø 24.0 m, frontal Ø 8.0 m; 1 channel (light control); switching power 2300 W, cosφ=1; 1150 VA; cosφ=0.5 time setting 15 sec.-30 min. or pulse; brightness value 10-2000 lx.
Slave sensor presence for ceiling surface mounting. Presence sensor, slave sensor with circular and long-range monitoring area, surface mounting, for master/slave combination. Only one master for light switching is necessary; motion detection in all areas of the room possible with slave sensors; switching pulse to the master in the case of detected movement; recognition of the motion independent of ambient lighting; sensor and power part in the same housing; range area see table.

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