scota – robust and talented

Square downlights like the scota impress not only with discrete general lighting, they also create a clear directional structure in the ceiling. These universal tools can be used in a great variety of applications. The slightly recessed opal-white diffuser makes our scota a very special downlight. A robust housing and high-quality LEDs and driver ensure a long and maintenance-free service life. Which means the scota will quickly become "everybody's darling".

scota-SDES-O/120LED 1100 830wsED
scota-SDES-O/120LED 1200 840wsED
scota-SDES-O/220LED 2500 830wsDALI2
scota-SDES-O/220LED 2500 830wsED
scota-SDES-O/220LED 2500 840wsDALI2
scota-SDES-O/220LED 2500 840wsED

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