worker – the energy bar for hard work

A high-bay luminaire has to be robust and versatile if it is to cope with all the stresses of everyday situations. This luminaire is really tough, available in IP54 or IP65 - dirt and water have very little effect on it. Rigidity is provided by a laser-welded sheet steel housing that does not need re-opening for installation. The lighting technology with Individual.Lens.Optic (ILO) guarantees versatility with different lumen packages. Worker — a genuine energy bar for your high-bay lighting requirements

worker-WOHTB/0700 IP54LED 14600 840vwDALI
worker-WOHTB/0700 IP54LED 14600 840vwET
worker-WOHTB/1000 IP54LED 21900 840vwDALI
worker-WOHTB/1000 IP54LED 21900 840vwET
worker-WOHTB/1300 IP54LED 29200 840vwDALI
worker-WOHTB/1300 IP54LED 29200 840vwET

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