ILF – multifunctional and practical

ILF is a multi-functioned light system which through its variability in models and compatibility to the SDT-System offers a wide spread spectrum of use. The luminaire is designed on fast and practical use so that even complex installations can easily be realized. Assembling aid, as the cable duct being integrated on the top-side; non losable open shut-offs and a three pole terminal in the internal plug contact-techniques – are only a few of the proofed products characteristics that distinguish this luminaire from others. The easy installation is possible without any distance to the sideways due to the practical mounting slide. The possible lighting accessories that can be installed above the turn-locks from the SDT-system make this luminare in its multifunctional use simply unbeatable.

ILF+SB Reflector side cover direct asymmetrical distribution
T8 1x58W
Electronic ballast
ILF+SBT8 1x58WvwElectronic ballast

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