PA the sturdy material for IP

Damp-proof luminaires should be robust, as severe conditions are present in the environment where they are used. There, it is moist, dirty and perhaps even flammable. That is, however, not the end of it, since chemical substances are also often used there, which may also damage the luminaires. It is nice if one has the open choice then, as the housing is resistant with glass fibre reinforced polyester, and with the open choice of the diffuser made of acrylic, as in the case of PA or polycarbonate as in the case of PC, it becomes easier. So, it appears that the diffuser catches are not only exchangeable, rather can even be replaced by catches made of stainless steel, if required. With appropriate accessories, many other application areas can be opened up. Be that suspended, support rail or the mounting with continuous run with through wiring, due to the appropriate accessories, this is all possible and secured.

PAT8 1x58WkgElectronic ballast
PAT8 2x58WkgElectronic ballast

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