agila – less glare is not possible

Today, monitors are used always and everywhere. This makes choosing the right lighting anything but a simple task. Our agila combines outstanding lighting technology with a multitude of installation options and timeless design. The integrated or retrofittable netlife Light Control leaves little to be desired in terms of comfort.

agila-AGHILR/1500LED 4700 830sgET
agila-AGHILR/1500LED 4700 830vwET
agila-AGHILR/1500LED 4800 827-865sgDALI DT8
agila-AGHILR/1500LED 4800 827-865vwDALI DT8
agila-AGHILR/1500LED 4900 840sgET
agila-AGHILR/1500LED 4900 840vwET

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