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With its rectangular cross-section, the powder-coated sheet steel housing in traffic white or white aluminium is a real purist. The end caps of same colour made of plastic with integrated light run connector are easy to detach and to replace with a suspension bracket for the mounting, with light run, which accommodates a Y-wire suspension. This saves the mounting of one suspension for each light and thus valuable working time. An additional benefit: The louvres appear seamlessly continuous. The through-wiring is quickly and simply implemented thanks to the three-pole plug-in contact connection terminals. When using the accessory for the through-wiring, even the finishing of the wire ends can be omitted. Light distribution is implemented by means of an aluminium parabolic reflector, a frosted diffuser pane is also available - but only with the LED version. Luminaires with T5 amps with darklight louvre (RSADIC) or LED with matt aluminium parabolic louvre (RSAXHC) possess omnidirectional glare reduction 65°< 1000 cd/m² per DIN EN 12464-1 and are therefore suitable for the illumination of VDU workstations. The RSAGHC LED version with frosted diffuser is primarily intended for representative general lighting. Numerous variants for dimming and emergency lighting can also be implemented by means of accessories or from the factory on request.

cubus-RSADICT5 1x28/54WvwDALI electronic ballast
cubus-RSADICT5 1x28/54WvwElectronic ballast
cubus-RSADICT5 1x35/49/80WvwDALI electronic ballast
cubus-RSADICT5 1x35/49/80WvwElectronic ballast
cubus-RSADICT5 2x35/49WvwDALI electronic ballast
cubus-RSADICT5 2x35/49WvwElectronic ballast

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