procube – micro luminaire for lighting landscapes

The extremely compact dimensions are the most obvious characteristic of the product design. Powerful micro-parabolic louvres with low profile lamellars make this possible. Using connectors and shape joints you can combine single lights to a light run or even a complete light landscape. The integration of other components such as loudspeakers and intelligent sensoring systems are also possible this way. This way, more tasks may be assigned to the often more easily accessible lighting level.
The procube lights are especially attractive when combined with the multitude of applications. This is valid both for the direct lighting from a surface mounted lamp and also the direct / indirect pendant luminaire. And on the lighting technological side the luminaires are on the safe side as well, as they are anti-glare and compliant with DIN-EN 12464-1. The extremely high efficiency is due to the louvre material with reflection amplification by a pure silver coating. This makes the light family procube the modern solution for multifunctional light run solutions and light landscapes.

procube-CUHX/1200-1LED 3400 840vw RAL 9016DALI
procube-CUHX/1200-1LED 3400 840vw RAL 9016ED
procube-CUHX/1500-1LED 4300 840vw RAL 9016DALI
procube-CUHX/1500-1LED 4300 840vw RAL 9016ED

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