stail – technical requirement and minimisation

Barely visible with a construction height of only 26 mm, an integral reflector with slot louvre and prismatic diffuser or micro louvre with low-section cross blades, single or twin lamp up to 2x54W - these are the impressive features of this slim-line beauty.
With its linear, minimalistic design, stail blends harmoniously into the architecture and offers a wide range of differing light characteristics, from direct via direct/indirect to primarily indirect beam distribution.

stail-SHDIT5 1x28/54WsgElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 1x28/54WvwElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 1x35/49/80WsgElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 1x35/49/80WvwElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 2x28/54WsgElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 2x28/54WvwElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 2x35/49WsgElectronic ballast
stail-SHDIT5 2x35/49WvwElectronic ballast

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