Device mount T5/T8

Conventional and simply good

Despite all of the advantages of LED technology – fluorescent lamps still have their uses. This is true for example in areas exposed to chemicals such as sulphur compounds, though also in the case of mains supplies that are not even registered by non-problematic magnetic ballasts.
But this is only any good if the desired lighting technology and light distribution are provided too, as is the case with our SDT system.

SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 1x35/49/80WvwDALI electronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 1x35/49/80WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 1x49WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 1x80WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 2x35/49/80WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 2x35/49WvwDALI electronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 2x35/49WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDFHT5 2x49WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG+SDHST8 1x58WvwElectronic ballast
SDT+SDG B1+SDHST8 1x58WvwNL B1 electronic ballast
SDT+SDGM+SDHST8 1x58WvwInd. low loss A2 ballast
SDT+SDGV+SDHST8 1x58WvwElectronic ballast

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