planara – pure light

Is soft, homogeneous and shadow-free room light the aim of your lighting design? The planara LED recessed luminaire enters into an almost seamless synthesis with ceiling systems with visible T-rails. Integrated flatly and without a frame it has the effect of an artificial skylight. As an LED luminaire system of the latest generation it features an excellent energy efficiency and high lumen yield. A further plus point: The current standards for illumination of VDU workstations can also be achieved. The LED complete system is delivered ready for connection. As such, all requirements are met with confidence.

planara-PNEO/600 IP 54LED 4300 840vwDALI
planara-PNEO/600 IP 54LED 4300 840vwET
planara-PNEO/625 IP 54LED 4300 840vwDALI
planara-PNEO/625 IP 54LED 4300 840vwET
planara-PNEO/625 IP 54LED 4400 927-965vwDALI DT8

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