protection – elegant light field luminaires for system ceilings

Luminaire housing with a slim turned-up metal frame colour traffic white (RAL 9016), an acrylic diffuser with naturally anodised aluminium edge trim, subtly differentiated use of materials and attractive aesthetics. Basic shape square or rectangular, protection offers a wide range of applications for general or basic lighting. Installation in ceiling systems with visible T-rails, concealed symmetrical rail constructions or recesses. Modern, low-maintenance panel fitting solutions that produce a pleasant, even, diffused light. Break up continuous modular ceiling systems and assist with orientation or accentuate areas.
The light fitting is available with protection rating IP54 and can therefore be installed in environments subject to dust and splashing. The electrical connection is via a terminal clamp with plug-in contacts. Simple, easy to install and safe.

protection-PREO/300-1200 IP54LED 4300 840vwDALI
protection-PREO/300-1200 IP54LED 4300 840vwED
protection-PREO/312-1250 IP54LED 4300 840vwDALI
protection-PREO/312-1250 IP54LED 4300 840vwED
protection-PREO/600 IP54LED 4000 840vwDALI
protection-PREO/600 IP54LED 4000 840vwED
protection-PREO/625 IP54LED 4000 840vwDALI
protection-PREO/625 IP54LED 4000 840vwED

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