UE universal recessed luminaires – with very good glare-control

The consistent design concept of the UE is so flexible that it can be integrated successfully in the most diverse application areas. In order to make the work of planners and electricians as simple as possible, Regiolux has also developed corresponding concepts and circuit diagrams. The control components and sensors, which are for example required for office rooms with daylight and presence control, were already integrated in the master luminaires. On average, the potentially realizable savings when using energy-efficient light controls is certified at over 50%. Universal features of the installation variants of the UE: Suitable for ceilings with visible T-rails, concealed symmetrical rail constructions and cut-out ceilings. Suitable for both 625 x 625 and 600 x 600 mm axis dimensions. Their universal character is also evident in the lighting technology. A multitude of power ratings, optics and lamp technologies, dimmable versions and additional emergency light fittings are proof of this versatility. So for every electrical or lighting challenge the UE series has a solution available.

UEX/600LED 3200 840vw RAL 9016DALI2
UEX/600LED 3200 840vw RAL 9016ED
UEX/600LED 4000 840vw RAL 9016DALI2
UEX/600LED 4000 840vw RAL 9016ED
UEX/625LED 3200 840vw RAL 9016DALI2
UEX/625LED 3200 840vw RAL 9016ED
UEX/625LED 4000 840vw RAL 9016DALI2
UEX/625LED 4000 840vw RAL 9016ED

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