Renovation of recessed luminaires

Electrical engineers and planners are increasingly having to deal with the topic of the optimisation or renovation of lighting systems. A number of these systems in industry, commerce and trade are twenty or more years old, consume too much energy, no longer satisfy the latest requirements and regulations, or the operating, maintenance and service costs are out of all proportion. The easiest and best solution is to replace the complete system with new luminaires that use the latest lighting technology and efficient lamps. In some cases, however, the specific requirements of the property may necessitate the development of renovation solutions that avoid the complete replacement of the old luminaires. Regiolux, with its many years of experience in the development and production of luminaires and renovation components, is once again the right partner. Renovation components for recessed luminaires Following a check of the old system to see if it can still be be used, for soiling, signs of wear and damage, as well as the clarification of factors that are relevant for safety, such as the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling system, we develop solutions that are tailored to the project. In such cases, complete renovation luminaires or renovation device mounts can often be fitted into the housing of the old luminaires without having to touch the ceiling construction. A sensible ecological and economical alternative that saves energy and operating costs, improves ergonomics and increases productivity. It goes without saying that these solutions can also be equipped with sensor systems and control technology. Daylight-dependent control, for example, significantly reduces the energy consumption even further. The specialists from Regiolux will be happy to assist you with this work and with any decisions you have to take. Please note: it is not permissible to change existing systems by replacing individual operating components for which the original luminaires have not been tested or approved.

Geräteträger open beam distribution direct distribution
T8, T5 1x58/49W G13, G5
Electronic ballast
GeräteträgerT8, T5 1x58/49W G13, G5vwElectronic ballast

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