Device mount

Renovation of light runs - because cost-effectiveness is key

​Light runs of the rapid-installation mounting system SMT and SPT have been operational for 25 years and longer. These lighting systems were often not continuously adjusted to the state of technology. This leads to a significant energy savings potential. But it is not always necessary to replace the whole system. A cost-efficient and easy mounting renovation by exchanging the existing device mounts with refurbishment device mounts the whole system will meet the changed economic, ecologic and ergonomic requirements: Energy costs are reduced, the lower consumption is less of a burden to the environment, the maintenance intervals are improved and the lighting situation of the object is enhanced.

SDGE Matt diffuser direct, open distribution upgrade solution for SMT/SPT
LED 7000 840
vw RAL 9016
SDGELED 7000 840vw RAL 9016ED

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