emphara – effective presentation

The emphara spotlight impresses with a great variety of light colours in order to create authentic and appealing accent lighting. This allows bakery products, fruit and veg., cheese, meat or fish in the "Fresh Food" area to be ideally presented with a fitting light colour. It can also be equipped with DALI. At the same time, a recessed MIRO-SILVER® reflector ensures a high level of viewing comfort, in a minimised housing made from high-quality aluminium with integrated driver. Equipped with safety glass as standard. The bayonet fitting allows the reflector to be replaced simply and without tools in order to prefect the staging.

emphara-EMTT/110LED 2600 930bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 2600 930tw RAL 9016ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 2700 940bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 2700 940tw RAL 9016ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3700 930bk RAL 9005DALI2
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3700 930bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3700 930tw RAL 9016DALI2
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3700 930tw RAL 9016ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3800 940bk RAL 9005DALI2
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3800 940bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3800 940tw RAL 9016DALI2
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3800 940tw RAL 9016ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3800 963bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3800 963tw RAL 9016ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 2400 819bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 2400 819tw RAL 9016ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3500 827bk RAL 9005ED
emphara-EMTT/110LED 3500 827tw RAL 9016ED

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