alevo – light for educational institutions and offices

A productive learning and working environment is achieved by the optimum lighting for the respective use. The functional areas are illuminated in a lively and inviting way. What’s more, the spatial and learning quality can profit from the use of Human Centric Lighting. This enhances vitality whilst promoting a sense of well-being and the ability to concentrate. Smart lighting is multifunctional and needs-based. The alevo family of luminaires has a number of facets when it comes to shape, colour and function. It is, therefore, an ideal and flexible tool to create the different requirements in educational institutions also makes for the right balance in office environments.

alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4500 830sg RAL 9006DALI flex54
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4500 830vw RAL 9016DALI flex54
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4700 840sg RAL 9006DALI flex54
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4700 840vw RAL 9016DALI flex54
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4500 830sg RAL 9006DALI2
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4500 830vw RAL 9016DALI2
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4500-2700 830sg RAL 9006EDM
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4500-2700 830vw RAL 9016EDM
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4700 840sg RAL 9006DALI2
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4700 840vw RAL 9016DALI2
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4700-2900 840sg RAL 9006EDM
alevo-AVAWF/1500-130LED 4700-2900 840vw RAL 9016EDM

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