lens basic

lens basic –

Classrooms, conference rooms, shops, public spaces and much more – with lens diffuser luminaires a wide range of applications can be quickly and easily illuminated. Whether as single or group luminaires or installed as light runs, mounted to the ceiling, to the SDT mounting rail or in suspended form, the complete spectrum of lighting requirements can be met by lens, thanks to its many variations with T5. Its slim, contemporary design and universal usage makes the lens a luminaire to blend with every environment and prove its worth. lens basic succeeds in newly defining the area of diffuser luminaires, in setting new impulses for applications and in widening the spectrum of deployment possibilities.

lens basic-LBAKT5 1x14/24WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 1x21/39WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 1x28/54WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 1x35/49/80WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 2x14/24WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 2x21/39WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 2x28/54WvwElectronic ballast
lens basic-LBAKT5 2x35/49WvwElectronic ballast

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