protection IPA

protection IPA — the talented clean room luminaire

The IPA version has inherited its excellent qualities from the protection family. Its qualities and characteristics have been utilised and further developed for applications in clean room environments. In addition to the outstanding lighting technology, these are the quality and excellent service life of the fitting. They make a decisive contribution to its successful use in clean room systems. The specifications and manufacturing conditions are verified by IPA testing in accordance with DIN 14644-1. They confirm both the cleanability and requisite harmlessness in relation to microbial growth and metabolism. Seen from all aspects, this makes protection IPA the first choice for clean room systems or for projects with similar high standards.

protection IPA-PRAG/660 IP54 IPA Satin-finished diffuser direct distribution
protection IPA-PRAG/660 IP54 IPA
LED 5000 840
protection IPA-PRAG/660 IP54 Satin-finished diffuser direct distribution
protection IPA-PRAG/660 IP54
LED 5000 840
protection IPA-PRAG/660 IP54 IPALED 5000 840vwET
protection IPA-PRAG/660 IP54LED 5000 840vwDALI

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