stail – technical requirement and minimisation

A visible construction height of just 26 mm, an integrated double parabolic louvre with low-section cross blades – these are the impressive features of this slim beauty. Further characteristics are an all-round housing fringe and the severely miniaturised louvre. These lend the luminaire a really individual appearance. With its linear and reduced design, stail blends harmoniously into widely differing interior spaces. Because the luminaire housing protrudes upwards, there is a distance to the ceiling so that an attractive light aura is created through light emission openings in the luminaire housing, giving the luminaire a floating impression. The undesired ‘cavern effect’ in a room that often occurs with more simple luminaires is avoided with stail. And the connector designed for the luminaire spacing in the light run conceals the through-wiring, maintaining the filigree and floating appearance of the ceiling mounting.

stail-SAX/1200-1LED 3300 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
stail-SAX/1200-1LED 3300 840tw RAL 9016ED
stail-SAX/1200-2LED 6900 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
stail-SAX/1200-2LED 6900 840tw RAL 9016ED
stail-SAX/1500-1LED 4300 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
stail-SAX/1500-1LED 4300 840tw RAL 9016ED
stail-SAX/1500-2LED 8600 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
stail-SAX/1500-2LED 8600 840tw RAL 9016ED

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