wotek – soft and puristic light

Diffuser luminaires prove their design benefits when the illuminating effect is created by cleverly designed diffuser trays. The stringent shape of "wotek" is clearly defined by the accentuated edges. The light effect, however, comes to the fore as it is almost without shadow and provides unobtrusive illumination. Whether square or long, there is a wide range of variants for many applications. The entire "wotek" family of luminaires is designed for IP54, and thus further extends the range of applications, just like the emergency lighting variants that are available. In addition, there is also the improved maintenance factor of the LED luminaire. Incidentally, we use the term "well-shaped" because an indirect light share is also created which further enhances the overall impression.

wotek-WKO/1200LED 3500 830vwDALI 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1200LED 3500 830vwET 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1200LED 3600 840vwDALI 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1200LED 3600 840vwET 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1500LED 4500 830vwDALI 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1500LED 4500 830vwET 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1500LED 4600 840vwDALI 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz
wotek-WKO/1500LED 4600 840vwET 230-240V/0Hz/50-60Hz

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