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Advanced ServicesLuminaires as an infrastructure

As a specialist for intelligent lighting solutions, Regiolux also handles Advanced Services. This means that our specialists take care of the project planning and implementation of the wishes of customers who want to make use of new and innovative technical opportunities. We have also proved ourselves an expert partner for complex requirements going beyond the use of light and luminaires.
Luminaires are an ideal infrastructure platform for Advanced Services, since they allow the integration of additional intelligent components. These make use of the power supply of the luminaires and their even and unimpeded distribution in the building. Specialists from Regiolux work closely with appropriate partners to implement the desired solution. Planners who have been commissioned by their clients to implement a system for indoor navigation, for example, can contact us directly. A concept is drawn up together with a partner. In this case, Regiolux integrates a beacon infrastructure in the luminaires and puts them into operation together with the partner company. The major customer advantage for all the Advanced Services is that Regiolux can recommend the most cost-effective system because it is not dependent on any particular manufacturer.

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Indoor NavigationFinding your way

  • With indoor navigation, GPS equals Bluetooth and the satellite is called beacon.
  • Paths can be recorded for the operator and shown accumulated on a map.
  • Beacons also make proximity marketing possible. This indicates when you are near an offer.

TrackingKnowing where things are

    • Objects or even people can be located using a beacon infrastructure.
    • Beacon controllers receive an ID (beacons, RFID chip, mobile phone signal) and then output the determined object position.

    MonitoringCollection and evaluation of system data, system monitoring

      • Data that can be used in many different ways can be collected and evaluated via clouds.
      • A remote access option can avoid costly service call-outs.
      • The Internet of Things (IoT) makes of all this possible, entirely within the meaning of Industry 4.0 for lighting systems as well.

      Human Centric LightingChanges in light colour in line with the circadian rhythm

      • Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is the „feel-good light“ that adapts to the human biological body clock.
      • Of course, the luminaires also have to be equipped with the corresponding Tunable White technology.

      Light scenesControlling lighting scenes

      • The right lighting for the job on hand or in accordance with user preference is the requirement made on this lighting control system.
      • The luminous intensity as well as the appropriate light colour and direction should be perfectly matched and capable of being called up at the press of a button or automated

      Lighting AutomationWireless lighting control systems

      • Lighting control systems, where the individual devices communicate with each other via a corresponding wireless protocol, are already widespread. These systems can then often be confi gured, put into operation or operated using mobile devices.
      • The wireless technology to be used depends on the requirements.

      Lighting Automation DALIWire-bound lighting control systems

      • Modern lighting control systems do not have to be wireless.
      • Wire-bound systems are powerful and offer a high degree of functional safety as well as fast response times, even in diffi cult environments.

      Advanced Sevices

      Regiolux Team Advanced Services

      Jede Projektlösung ist unterschiedlich gelagert und hat ihre eigenen Schwerpunkte oder Herausforderungen. Advanced Services bei Regiolux konzipieren die Infrastruktur im Bereich Licht. Sie stellen dabei die Schnittstellen zur Vernetzung von weiteren Komponenten. Auch über mögliche Erweiterungen der Leuchtensets informiert unser Team. Tel.: +49 (0) 9525 89-260

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