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zatta - time for you to make a move

zattaOur new format for surface luminaires

A change in strategy? Individuality and flexibility in light planning are valued not only in the retail and logistic sectors. The zatta light raft has a compact and graceful appearance. It develops its tremendous light effect as basic lighting on track systems. The lightness in the room is created by the low installation height In addition, it leaves a high-quality impression in terms of light technology. Which is why a suspended version is also available. It is based on the know-how gained from our surface luminaires with the effi cient and anti-glare Individual.Lens.Optic. We have made the fi rst move.

zatta - XBThe advantages for light planning

  • Ideal for low installation heights
  • Ideal illumination of intermediate spaces
  • Enables light runs to be saved
  • Top shelf areas are illuminated evenly
  • Large light volume for the point of sale
Brochure XB - Extremely wide-beam light distribution

Lightness in the room

        • New option – surface luminaire on tracks
        • Object areas: general lighting/aisle lighting/retail/logistics
        • Extremely flat housing with driver
        • Track and suspended mounting
        • Excellent surface luminaire with flexible lighting technology
        • Effi cient, anti-glare lighting technology with Individual.Lens.Optic
        • Output levels from 6,100 to 8,000 lumen

      Low installation height

      zatta - Typ overview

      Suspended single mounting

      Optional: Noble & black

      Product overview

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