GreenKit refurbishment luminaire

The luminaire-in-luminaire concept

Safety first!
  • Quick installation thanks to magnetic mounting in less than 1 minute!
  • No shut-down and reworking by painters and cleaners or dismantling
  • Perfectly coordinated: the overall form of the project is preserved
  • Light without disturbing dark spots, BAP has been adopted
  • High luminous flux – adjustable multi-lumen and DALl drivers
  • Leverage all of the benefits of LED light: its long service life and maintenance interval
  • Very good lighting technology
  • Recognised safe Regiolux quality – Made in Germany

Technical lighting data on request!

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The refurbishment option in 3 steps

Conversion made easy

Typical GreenKit applications

Difficult ceiling systems,

listed properties,

in public areas, etc.




Lighting requirements

Select the GreenKit basic type

for cubus T5, lura T5
(11-digit No. RX of the old light)


Light planning


Order GreenKit


Send in the third-party light or
check the GreenKit directly on site


GreenKit key data

Type1: optimised mechanically and in terms of lighting technology for cubus T5, lura T5.
Efficiency 168 lm/W
Luminous fluxes 6,500-3,700 lm (current), 11,000-6,000 lm (coming soon)
Ra 840, 830
Driver ETM, DALI
Service life L80 B10 70,000h
Lighting technology  Satined linear lens, direct distribution


Summarised concisely in the brochure

GreenKit refurbishment luminaire

Focus on the safety of the fitter – we protect against problems!

✔️ The fitter has legal certainty
✔️ Safely earthed and EMC tested
✔️ 5 years warranty
✔️ CE mark
✔️ 100% warranty remains with the manufacturer

Orientation guide

Further fittings possible on request

Replace fluorescent lamps with greenKit Type1/1500-T5 LED 6500-4000 840 ETM (79400003100)

Lamp Luminous flux/output ETM level
1x35W 4000lm/24W 1
1x49W 4900lm/30W 2
2x35W 5700lm/36W 3
1x80W 6500lm/41W 4
Type greenKit-Typ1/1500-T5 LED
Lighting technology Linear lens
Light distribution direct distribution
Mark of conformity Protection class I
Protection class 20
Impact resistance IK IK03
Ambient temperature 25 °C
Mounting type Magnetic fastening
LxWxH/DxH 1439 x 86 x 27
Luminaire luminous flux max. (lm) 6.125 lm – 6.524 lm
Luminaire efficiencies max. (lm/W) 158 lm/W – 168 lm/W
Light color 830
LED life 70000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Operating devices EDM

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