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More information, more knowledge, more Regiolux?

News from Regiolux at Light + Building 2024:

An impressive symbiosis of products and topics

“Light in motion” was this year’s motto for the Regiolux GmbH exhibition. With that, the luminaire manufacturer from Königsberg, Bavaria primarily drew virtues into focus that – now more than ever – are playing a major role in ensuring that the future continues to be rich in innovation: quality, sustainability and service. Regiolux is convinced that this systematic, pragmatic orientation will make the company fit for the future after over 70 years of tradition. In addition to a whole range of innovative new products, the trade experts got first-hand information about many customer-oriented solutions and the company’s special achievements in service and sustainability. These include, for example, optimised packaging for bulk quantities (GreenPac).

System expertise expanded:

Trunking system evolution at Regiolux


At Light + Building 2024, the new generation of SRT and SDT trunking systems from Regiolux will make its big debut. The manufacturer from the Bavarian town of Königsberg will present a whole series of innovations for its professional quick fit mounting system for IP20 to IP64 applications. It consists of only two components, an LED support rail and a gear tray, and can be variably equipped based on the specific requirements – as if from a construction set. With the further development of innovative lighting technologies and new features, even more lighting tools are now available for the proven and tested SRT and SDT trunking systems. This fundamentally simplifies planning and offers even greater flexibility in application.

Regiolux: New downlight series changy

Wide variety of types for refurbishment and new building

With the “Green Update” initiative, Regiolux is supporting electricians with products and advice for future-proof and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. The latest development is the changy downlight series, which are equally suitable for refurbishment and new building. Three model series with a total of 36 types guarantee maximum design freedom, as well as a tailor-made solution in the building stock.

Regiolux GmbH expands its international activities

Branch established in the Netherlands

The luminaire manufacturer Regiolux, headquartered in Königsberg / Bavaria, has opened a branch in the Netherlands as of 3 October 2022. It is a wholly owned subsidiary based in Woerden. With the newly founded Regiolux Nederland B.V., the German luminaire specialist is investing in its Dutch customer relationships with the usual strong applications expertise. 

New: alevo from Regiolux

Flexible lighting for office and education

The new aelvo luminaire series from Regiolux is a smart lighting system for offices and classrooms that can be flexibly adjusted to the users needs It can be customised for any room and its functional areas to guarantee a productive working and learning environment. In the version with tunable white technology for Human Centric Lighting, the luminaire matches its light colour to the natural changes in daylight over the course of the day and encourages vitality, concentration and well-being through natural lighting moods.

New sports hall luminaire “ballea” from Regiolux:

efficient and ball impact resistant

The new sports hall luminaire “ballea” from Regiolux is both efficient and ball impact resistant. It offers a high impact re-sistance (IK10), qualifying it for all areas of a sports hall. Homogeneous and glare-free lighting can be realised thanks to its high efficiency and innovative multilayer lighting tech-nology – suitable for multi-function halls, three-zone sports halls, tennis, football and badminton halls, fitness rooms and gyms as well as for side and functional rooms. The luminaire ensures flicker-free light, which is necessary for high-speed sports as well as high-quality HD video recording with good quiality images.

Actively shaping the digital transformation

Marco Steffenmunsberg – new CEO at Regiolux

Since 1 June, Marco Steffenmunsberg has been the new Chief Executive Officer of Regiolux GmbH ( The 47-year-old made the transition from the role of Business Unit Manager at RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH to the luminaire specialist for the technical lighting sector based in Königsberg, Bavaria. With Marco Steffenmunsberg at the helm, Regiolux has gained a proven expert with many years of experience in leading positions within the lighting industry, who also possesses sound management experience within marketing and sales. He succeeds Petra Polster, the long-standing CEO of this successful, medium-sized family business, who is due to retire this year.

Well illuminated safely

New moisture-proof lamp maran

The new moisture-proof lamp “maran” from Regiolux allows fast, safe and cost-efficient lighting solutions to be realised for areas with increased protective requirements in industry and commerce. With a high IP65 protection rating, the compact luminaire reliably provides safety against dirt and dust and impresses with a high energy efficiency of up to 153 lm/W. 

The luminaire has a sturdy polycarbonate housing, making it suitable for flexible use in rooms with demanding conditions, such as workshops and production facilities – even those used for food production – as well as for garages, basements, cold stores and storage rooms. As a low-cost luminaire, the maran is even an option for construction site lighting in building construction. It scores with an energy saving of more than 50 percent in the energy-efficient retrofitting of conventional lighting systems.

Ball impact-resistant light run for sports facilities

SDT-match from Regiolux

Regiolux has added a bright new strip lighting for sports facili-ties to its range with the ball impact-resistant SDT-match light run. The light run is extremely sturdy and guarantees optimum lighting conditions for every type of sport. It has been compre-hensively tested and is reliably ball impact-resistant according to DIN VDE 0710 Part 13, DIN 18032-3, making it suitable for use in multi-purpose, sports and indoor tennis centres. The light run satisfies the funding criteria for the lighting in sports facilities. Efficiency can be further increased by combining it with the netlife lighting management system from Regiolux.

New high-bay generation from Regiolux

Powerful “cake II” hall luminaire

Regiolux has further expanded its expertise in the field of hall and logistics lighting with the new “cake II” high-bay genera-tion. The LED high-bay reflector is not only more attractive in terms of design, it also offers a high luminous efficiency with up to 162 lm/W and a choice of 14,000 or 24,000 lm luminous flux.

The hall luminaire with protection type IP65 offers direct wide beam variants with a radiation angle of 120° and narrow/wide beam variants with an angle of 90°. The single-point suspension makes the luminaire equally suitable for new systems and renovation projects. The cake II is also an attractive replacement in terms of price, especially for old systems (HIT/HIE/HME) that need to be retrofitted anyway, achieving energy savings of up to 80 percent. Even modifications and custom solutions for industry, logistics and trade can easily be implemented.

A church with class (rooms)

Inspiring lighting solutions in the video

How can the best light for learning be realised in historical buildings without detracting from their atmosphere? In a short video, lighting designer Rogier van Klingeren shows a successful example from the Netherlands. The Heilig-Herz [Sacred Heart] church was converted into a school. He planned and implemented a completely new lighting concept for the school. 

The result is a school with a unique ambience, thanks to luminaires with excellent light for learning and lighting solutions matched to the (church) space that emphasise the unique surroundings. The solution lay in the combination of standard luminaires from Regiolux with individual lighting solutions from Lichtwerk.

SRT trunking system

New from Regiolux

Regiolux presents the SRT trunking system, the latest generation in the Regiolux popular rapid mounting systems. As an alternative to the tried-and-tested SDT system, the SRT trunking system offers optimal conditions to exploit the potential of digital and smart lighting for any requirement in industry and logistics, retail, office and educational establishments. The system offers customised lighting solutions that can be tailored to individual customer requirements to provide more flexible and efficient options than ever before. Equipped with innovative modules and new features, even complex and multi-layered solutions can be implemented cost-effectively.

The advantage here is that, even with the SRT system, only one mounting rail is required for all applications and types of protection. Both components – the mounting rail and device mount – can be combined as modular components, thus turning two parts into a flexible whole: a device mount with 14 light distribution patterns, numerous luminous flux packages (4,000 to 22,000lm), different module lengths and a range of light colours can be specifically designed for the application.

Perfection is ensured by the finely tuned lighting technology of Central.Line.Optic, which transforms light spots into a light line - with a peak efficiency of up to 195lm/W. Individual.Lens.Optic and numerous diffusers are also available. Here, a newly developed prismatic diffuser with forward-scattering nano-particles ensures outstanding efficiency values and perfect illumination at mounting heights of up to five metres.

Beautiful light for side rooms

New: “turas” from Regiolux

The new "turas" family of diffuser luminaries from Regiolux guarantees homogeneous lighting in hallways and stairwells. The timeless, flat design and soft, glare-free light also makes the luminaire ideal for foyers and receptions, for health and care institutions, for waiting rooms, and of course for residential buildings too. turas comes in two circular and one square variants. It has an IP40 protection rating as well as integrated insect and theft protection.

The wall-mounted and ceiling luminaire offers graduated luminous fluxes up to 4,300 lm, two light colours and an outstanding efficiency of 136 lm/W for a luminaire with an opal diffuser. Thanks to the optimum, homogeneous distribution of light through individual LED lenses, a small indirect share and a good glare control (UGR 20), it provides a pleasant light. The luminaire is great value for money and is available with sensors, Bluetooth control or an emergency light. It is quick to install and even the LED assembly can be easily exchanged if required.

Light line for modern workplaces

New: “agila” from Regiolux

With the new direct/indirect luminaire series agila, Regiolux presents a slim light line for timeless and elegant office lighting – but not only for offices. The innovative lighting technology of the single micro-louvre means that the luminaire provides high-quality, soft light in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 for single and double workstations that is almost glare-free. The light line can be installed in a number of different ways – as a pendant, recessed, surface-mounted, wall and panel luminaire – and allows a continuous concept from the office through to seminar and conference rooms, corridors, stairwells and the foyer.

The integrated netlife control technology allows wireless op-eration of the agila with no time-consuming configuration. What’s more, it is also IoT-capable, allowing an economic update to contemporary lighting with modern light management. Excellent value for money, high quality “Made in Germany” and an outstanding efficiency of 150 lm/Watt are further features of the luminaire.

Set the scene for a stylish office:

“kayak” – smart light for the office

“kayak” is a new office luminaire that sets the scene for a stylish office. It combines efficiency and perfect lighting technology with a floating design. The extremely flat and high-quality concept is by BUSSE Design+Engineering, with the luminaire produced by Regiolux “Made in Germany”. It has been designed as a surface-mounted and suspended luminaire with indirect components but can also be easily realised as a light strip. Despite its flat design, variants with sensors for modern light management and Advanced Services are available.

The luminaire with the latest generation of edge feeding LEDs achieves outstanding efficiency of 135 lm/W. The design is perfect for single and double workstations and fits into any surroundings thanks to the warm or neutral white light colours available. Drivers and components are integrated inconspicuously in the luminaire. It is available in the colours black, white or silver and guarantees glare-free lighting compatible with computer screens, high visual comfort and ergonomic light at the office workstation.

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