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SRT trunking system

New from Regiolux

Regiolux presents the SRT trunking system, the latest generation in the Regiolux popular rapid mounting systems. As an alternative to the tried-and-tested SDT system, the SRT trunking system offers optimal conditions to exploit the potential of digital and smart lighting for any requirement in industry and logistics, retail, office and educational establishments. The system offers customised lighting solutions that can be tailored to individual customer requirements to provide more flexible and efficient options than ever before. Equipped with innovative modules and new features, even complex and multi-layered solutions can be implemented cost-effectively.

Perfection in lighting technology and design
The advantage here is that, even with the SRT system, only one mounting rail is required for all applications and types of protection. Both components – the mounting rail and device mount – can be combined as modular components, thus turning two parts into a flexible whole: a device mount with 14 light distribution patterns, numerous luminous flux packages (4,000 to 22,000lm), different module lengths and a range of light colours can be specifically designed for the application.

Perfection is ensured by the finely tuned lighting technology of Central.Line.Optic, which transforms light spots into a light line - with a peak efficiency of up to 195lm/W. Individual.Lens.Optic and numerous diffusers are also available. Here, a newly developed prismatic diffuser with forward-scattering nano-particles ensures outstanding efficiency values and perfect illumination at mounting heights of up to five metres.

Fixed or 100% variable positioning
The device mounts can be positioned in a fixed or variable arrangement in the trunking system. 100% variable positioning is now also possible with system protection type IP54 – an advantage that is particularly useful in production buildings and garden centres. Different lengths can be precisely matched to a customer-specific requirement profile. Extra-long modules (/2250) generate savings during assembly and in the number of components within a system, which is an ideal solution for large logistics areas. Compact function modules (/750) can be scattered with in precisely the right places to enhance the differentiated presentation of goods in the retail sector. Area and accent lighting for every product group in outstanding quality and with excellent colour rendition (CRI 90) provides an infinite array of design possibilities. Various housing colours and three module lengths (/750, /1500, /2250) are available, and can be adapted to the existing store design.

Lighting management – freely selectable levels
Light management is always a crucial factor in the potential to save energy. Regiolux netlife controllers can be integrated into the SRT trunking system in three different configuration levels: the straightforward “easy” level is suitable for individual areas around the building and premises. These standalone systems are easy to install and quickly ready for use. The use of the “flex” radio solution offers more features for different areas, which makes them ideal for refurbishment projects, as no additional cabling is required. Specific scenes and groups can also be controlled via the app. The “pro” system offers the highest level of convenience. Entire buildings can be networked and controlled worldwide with building management systems.

Besides lighting management, smart technologies including indoor navigation, predictive maintenance and monitoring can also be integrated into the system. It is also possible to network different locations and remote maintenance via the Regiolux Cloud. Experts at Regiolux manage the project planning and implementation, right through to commissioning.

In terms of lighting technology and lumen packages, the SRT quick fit mounting system covers the entire range of requirements for a high-performance track system. Regiolux has totally redeveloped the 11-pole wiring for networking and emergency lighting to perform these complex tasks. This makes the trunking light system particularly sustainable: it conserves material, energy and improves the C02 footprint – right down to environmentally friendly construction site packaging. This system uses high-quality LEDs with a long service life and high colour consistency. With a service life of up to 70,000 hours, the lighting system is particularly future-proof and emphasises its quality features.

Beautiful light for side rooms

New: “turas” from Regiolux

The new "turas" family of diffuser luminaries from Regiolux guarantees homogeneous lighting in hallways and stairwells. The timeless, flat design and soft, glare-free light also makes the luminaire ideal for foyers and receptions, for health and care institutions, for waiting rooms, and of course for residential buildings too. turas comes in two circular and one square variants. It has an IP40 protection rating as well as integrated insect and theft protection.

The wall-mounted and ceiling luminaire offers graduated luminous fluxes up to 4,300 lm, two light colours and an outstanding efficiency of 136 lm/W for a luminaire with an opal diffuser. Thanks to the optimum, homogeneous distribution of light through individual LED lenses, a small indirect share and a good glare control (UGR 20), it provides a pleasant light. The luminaire is great value for money and is available with sensors, Bluetooth control or an emergency light. It is quick to install and even the LED assembly can be easily exchanged if required.

Light line for modern workplaces

New: “agila” from Regiolux

With the new direct/indirect luminaire series agila, Regiolux presents a slim light line for timeless and elegant office lighting – but not only for offices. The innovative lighting technology of the single micro-louvre means that the luminaire provides high-quality, soft light in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 for single and double workstations that is almost glare-free. The light line can be installed in a number of different ways – as a pendant, recessed, surface-mounted, wall and panel luminaire – and allows a continuous concept from the office through to seminar and conference rooms, corridors, stairwells and the foyer.

The integrated netlife control technology allows wireless op-eration of the agila with no time-consuming configuration. What’s more, it is also IoT-capable, allowing an economic update to contemporary lighting with modern light management. Excellent value for money, high quality “Made in Germany” and an outstanding efficiency of 150 lm/Watt are further features of the luminaire.

Set the scene for a stylish office:

“kayak” – smart light for the office

“kayak” is a new office luminaire that sets the scene for a stylish office. It combines efficiency and perfect lighting technology with a floating design. The extremely flat and high-quality concept is by BUSSE Design+Engineering, with the luminaire produced by Regiolux “Made in Germany”. It has been designed as a surface-mounted and suspended luminaire with indirect components but can also be easily realised as a light strip. Despite its flat design, variants with sensors for modern light management and Advanced Services are available.

The luminaire with the latest generation of edge feeding LEDs achieves outstanding efficiency of 135 lm/W. The design is perfect for single and double workstations and fits into any surroundings thanks to the warm or neutral white light colours available. Drivers and components are integrated inconspicuously in the luminaire. It is available in the colours black, white or silver and guarantees glare-free lighting compatible with computer screens, high visual comfort and ergonomic light at the office workstation.


Data handling in the cloud

The digitisation of light has reached the next level, and accordingly Regiolux is presenting the “next level” of Advanced Services to match these developments. The lighting specialist offers the infrastructure needed to network the various technological disciplines and achieve more intelligent, more efficient, safer and user-friendlier “Smart Buildings”. They are networked either via radio or via the Internet of Things (IoT) in the cloud. 

Thanks to new, advanced standards such as DALI2, Regiolux is able to readout and provide more detailed data from the lumi-naires, such as the temperature of the device or power data. These can then be linked to various other disciplines via the latest control systems and IoT sensors. This allows data to be generated that can be used for much more than just perfect light management.


Discover new light systems

The new website is now online. It has been completely revised and optimised for fast access. It illustrates the entire range of efficient luminaires and their use in actual projects that have been realised. A modern look and numerous features make searching for the right light system extremely simple.

New: The 360 degree product photos which show the luminaires from all angles, always right next to the technical data as well. In addition, all the members of a luminaire family are presented – for lighting solutions in a complete system. It is easy to narrow down luminaire selection using product filters in many places. The BIM/RFA and RELUX data are also stored with the product. The latter can be directly integrated in system planning by drag & drop. An efficiency calculator immediately indicates how great the expected energy saving will be. The multilingual presentation leaves no wish unfulfilled and is optimised for all devices.



REGIOLUX has added the LED luminaire pirola to its range for the efficient illumination of damp rooms. The sturdy structure with a protection rating of IP65 guarantees safe operation even in difficult surroundings, and its flexibility opens up a wide range of uses. The moisture-proof luminaire can be installed quickly and has intelligent sensor technology – which can also be retrofitted – for presence- and daylight-linked switching for economical and needs-based illumination.

With an amazing efficiency of up to 150 lm/W, savings in operating costs can well exceed 50 percent. Optimum thermal management for the LED modules and a high-performance diffuser guarantee a long service life and very good lighting conditions. The luminaire’s compact format, reliably sealed against dust and splashes, makes it ideal for rooms with higher protection requirements in industry, food service and administration such as bathrooms, commercial kitchens, cold stores, warehouses, production, multi-storey car parks or workshops. In addition, the luminaire has a high impact resistance of IK08. The luminaire can be used as a surface-mounted luminaire for walls and ceilings as well as for suspended and mounting rail installation. Thanks to the twist-fix principle, it can be installed in next to no time – and is suitable for networking in the IoT (Internet of Things).



The new Regiolux “Light Systems 2019/2020” catalogue is released. It can be downloaded for free or ordered as a free printed version.

The catalogue presents the latest results of the change process in the LED and luminaires market, which Regiolux is actively shaping. It is a tool for planners, electricians and users who want to keep up on all of the latest developments. The field of “Advanced Services”, including light control components, is becoming increasingly important because lighting systems are an ideal infrastructure platform for IoT technologies. Apart from luminaires, Regiolux also presents proven systems that have been fitted with new LED modules to make them even more efficient.



New luminaire sets from Regiolux make modern light management in the office incredibly easy through plug and play. The ready-to-connect sets are available pre-configured for daylight control and presence detection, for controlling light colour with integrated tunable white technology and even daylight simulation through Human Centric Lighting.

One set comprises four recessed luminaires and is perfectly matched to the technical lighting requirements of a double workstation. It thus offers the installer a complete solution for the safe and fault-free installation of light controls without time-consuming programming. The individual components complement each other so that they are ready for immediate use through plug-and-play.

The recessed luminaire set “panella” with daylight control and presence detection is an inexpensive entry-level model. It is pre-configured and can be put into operation immediately. The “teno” set offers a version for presence control with and without daylight control and can also be operated conveniently via an app. In addition, sets are available with tunable white technology and for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) that are ready for connection thanks to plug-and-play.

These entry-level packages permit numerous standard applications to be deployed quickly and reliably. Extensions can also be requested if required. Regiolux offers “Advanced Services” for networking with further components. The brochure for the luminaire sets can be downloaded free: Plug-and-play Luminaire sets



Regiolux is not only a specialist for intelligent lighting solutions but also handles Advanced Services. This means that the specialists from Regiolux take care of the planning and implementation of the wishes of customers who want to make use of new and innovative technical possibilities. Regiolux has proven that it is also a capable partner for complex requirements that go beyond the simple use of light and luminaires, be these location based services such as indoor navigation or proximity marketing, wired or wireless lighting control, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) or monitoring and remote maintenance, right through to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Luminaires are an ideal infrastructure platform for Advanced Services, since additional intelligent components can be integrated. These make use of the power supply of the luminaires and their even and unimpeded distribution in the building. Specialists from Regiolux take care of the implementation of the desired solution with the corresponding partners. Planners who have been commissioned by their clients to implement a system for indoor navigation, for example, can contact Regiolux directly. The overall conditions are then clarified jointly and a concept is drawn up with a partner. In this case, Regiolux integrates a beacon infrastructure into the luminaires and commissions them together with the partner company. In all of the Advanced Services, the customer has the big advantage that Regiolux can offer the best and most cost-effective system because it is not dependent on any particular manufacturer.



LED technology can score across the board as illumination for sport and leisure facilities: with high energy savings, low operating costs, a long service life and reduced maintenance costs. Athletes and spectators benefit from a high quality of light and low glare. Information and tips of what needs to be taken into account for the illumination of sports facilities has been put together in a new Regiolux brochure. It can be downloaded for free: Light for sport and leisure

Different sports make different demands on hall lighting. DIN EN 12193 Sports lighting provides a binding definition of the lighting-related technical requirements for every sport. These must be seen as minimum values, which makes the task of illuminating the facilities even more demanding. Especially where there is a variety of different uses, it is worth thinking in detail about the lighting system e.g. whether vertical luminous intensities and mechanical loads such as ball impact are also important. Light control to increase energy efficiency, the renovation and funding of lighting systems and the use of Tunable White technology round off the dedicated brochure.



The “zatta” field luminaire from Regiolux provides new optics with tremendous radiance for retail and logistics. With an extremely flat housing in white or silver and lens optics typical for LED, the luminaire offers versatile lighting technology and can also be combined well with spotlights. It is suitable for track and suspended installation and immerses sales rooms in bright, pleasant light.

zatta is ideal when designing modern lighting solutions, being both compact and extremely bright at the same time. Its entire surface is equipped with LED lenses, making it extremely efficient – with a light output of up to 162lm/W. It uses all the options offered by installation on 3-phase tracks, including light control with DALI.

The zatta is available as a 4 or 6-lens version. Both versions are wide and double-asymmetric beam, with a slight, pleasant share of indirect light. The larger luminaire is also available as a suspended luminaire. The luminaires have lumen values between 6,600lm and 8,000lm and can be used in the light colours warm white and neutral white. With a colour rendering index CRI > 80 and colour temperatures between 3000K and 4000K (Kelvin), the zatta offers plenty of options for designing lights for modern sales and logistics areas.



The new diffuser luminaire lens pro from Regiolux for corridors and side rooms guarantees homogeneous illumination with glare-free soft light. Its opalescent diffuser profile ensures that no individual LED light spots can be seen. Thanks to an IP 44 degree of protection, it is also suitable as sanitary room lighting. In addition, it is particularly suitable for schools and health facilities since the light from the directly radiating luminaire throws few shadows and has a slight indirect component, so that it is perceived to be very pleasant. A version with polycarbonate diffuser achieves a higher impact resistance (IK 06).

With a small installation height and three different lengths, the lens pro can be used universally for surface, pendant, ceiling or wall mounting. The service life of the LED modules is 50,000 hours (L80 B10). There are different output levels available from 2,000 lm to 5,400 lm at a colour temperature of 3,000 K or 4,000 K and a good colour rendering index (CRI > 80). The luminaire can also be supplied in a dimmable version, with sensor system or even with emergency light.



Regiolux is introducing its new, powerful “teno” LED recessed luminaire with soft light at the Light + Building 2018: an all-in-one package to realise uniform light with a high visual comfort. The luminaire has anti-glare properties for monitor-based workplaces, making it ideal for offices and reception areas. Since this prevents the formation of shadows, it also guarantees an excellent quality of light in doctors’ surgeries and waiting rooms. The universal recessed luminaire can be integrated in cut-out ceilings, system ceilings with visible T-rails as well as concealed, symmetrical ceiling constructions as a square and longitudinal luminaire.

The recessed luminaire offers a wide spectrum of light outputs and satisfies various requirements with options for sensor systems and emergency lighting. Lumen packages up to 7.300lm are possible, so that fewer luminaires are needed in a room, even if high luminous intensities are required. The luminaire can be put to flexible use with a wide variety of dimensions.

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