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NETLIFE control: one concept – three solutions

The "netlife" family name embraces all light management / Light Control (LC) products and components.
The names easy, flex and pro provide additional guidance in terms of for whom and for which scope of performance the system has been designed.
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  • Straightforward in-house project engineering
  • Simple installation
  • Preset functions
  • Simple commissioning via remote control,
  • app, DIP, rotary control switch etc.
  • Connectable and wireless-based possible
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  • Project planning in-house or through Regiolux
  • Simple installation
  • Extended functions and variable settings of additional features
  • Commissioning via app/software, customer or Regiolux
  • Connectable and wireless-based possible
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  • Project planning through Regiolux
  • More complex installation
  • Free functions and multiple settings
  • Visualisation
  • Project engineering support through Regiolux
  • IoT and cloud-capable
  • Commissioning service through Regiolux
  • Connectable and wireless-based possible
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As a specialist for intelligent lighting solutions, Regiolux also handles Advanced Services.

We take care of the project planning and implementation of the wishes of customers who want to make use of new and innovative technical opportunities. We are also an expert partner for complex requirements that go beyond the use of light and luminaires. Every project solution has a different emphasis and its own focus or challenges. Advanced Services at Regiolux design the infrastructure in the lighting area, providing the interfaces for linking in further components. Our team will also provide information about possible expansions for the lighting sets.

Tel.: +49 (0) 9525 89-260

Regiolux Cloud

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  • Recording of further data from the luminaires via DALI2
  • Integration of further sensors and other data
  • Remote access, remote maintenance and remote control
  • Use of the data collected for AI processes

Indoor navigation

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  • With indoor navigation, your GPS is Bluetooth, the satellite is called Beacon
  • For operators, paths can be recorded and visualised accumulated on a map
  • Beacons make proximity marketing possible (messaging when there is a special offer nearby)


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  • Objects or persons can be located using a Beacon infrastructure
  • Beacon controllers receive identification from Beacons, RFID chips or mobile phone signals and output the position found for the object


  • Collect and evaluate data that can be used for a wide range of applications via clouds
  • Optional remote access can prevent expensive service assignments
  • Internet of Things (IoT) in the sense of Industry 4.0, also for lighting systems

Lighting Automation

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  • Lighting control
  • Individual devices are connected to each other via wireless protocol
  • Wireless technology depending on requirement

Lighting Automation DALI

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  • Modern lighting control
  • Wired systems are powerful and offer a high degree of functional safety as well as fast response times, even in difficult environments

Regiolux Advanced Services

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