A luminaire set is the ideal starter-pack for lighting systems with modern lighting management for offices. The individual components are matched to one another. Designed as a complete solution, ready to be used without errors or programming effort. The sets follow the plug-and-play concept. So there will be no surprises. The direct:LC controllers are pre-programmed and also designed to meet the technical lighting requirements of a double workstation. They are ready to plug straight in, along with sensors and pre-assembled cables.  This plug-and-play concept makes it easy to implement standard applications and refurbishments. Luminaire sets are worry-free solutions from Regiolux that address all your needs.

Video Plug-and-Play luminaire sets

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Luminaire set for daylight control and presence detection

Luminaires and sensors are equipped with plug-and-play, pre-assembled 3m long connecting cables. Power is supplied via a 3m long Schuko power supply cable, which is also pre-assembled. The entire electrical connection can be completed without tools. The sensor is a presence/motion sensor with daylight control. The luminaires are freely adjustable via the DALI output control. Threshold value, setpoint value, run-on time and orientation light can be conveniently set via the remote control. Basic function is available straight away via the factory settings following initial start-up. Optionally, a button can be connected to the sensor to start the semi-automatic control or for manual operation.

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Regiolux Team Advanced Services

Every project solution has a different emphasis and its own focus or challenges. Advanced Services at Regiolux design the infrastructure in the lighting area. In doing so they provide the interfaces for linking in further components. Our team will also provide information about possible expansions for the lighting sets. 

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