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Intelligent overall concept with lighting accents

A customer-oriented, discreet, intelligent lighting concept sets the scene for the comprehensive product range for professional and private customers in the new BayWa building materials centre in Großwallstadt. The basic lighting uses the quick-fit mounting system from Regiolux, arranged in squares. Specific accentuated light guides visitors through the store. Light strips and a large-surface luminaire from Lichtwerk supplement the harmonious overall concept and form design highlights. 

BayWa has invested around 6.5 million euros in the new building materials centre which has a total area of 15,000 square metres. This includes two warehouses each 1,000 square metres in size which are connected to a roofed-over loading area of around 1,100 square metres, a large open-air storage area and an exhibition area for gardening and landscaping materials. The free-standing main building of the building materials centre houses the sales rooms and a store for professionals, offices, social rooms and an exhibition area for structural elements. “Generous, modern and efficient” was the stipulation for the new building – and this had to be taken into account for the lighting planning as well. 

Light squares from the quick-fit mounting system from Regiolux ensure homogeneous large-surface basic lighting. The device mount with frosted diffuser (SDGLK) achieves the highest efficiency and optimum glare suppression. This is combined with accent lighting using spotlights on 3-phase power rails from Regiolux. The spotlights set specific lighting accents and direct people’s attention to defined sales areas thanks to visual contrasts. The checkout area is effectively framed and emphasised by narrow light strips made with hokal and epic luminaires from Lichtwerk. The design luminaire micado from Lichtwerk highlights the sales area. LED light lines seemingly distributed at random in the rectangular frame add dynamism and atmosphere to the room. Thanks to the open design, the generously dimensioned luminaire creates an impression of lightness that sets it apart from other large-surface luminaires.


The light colour neutral white (840) was chosen for all the luminaires installed in the building materials store. Thanks to their indirect component, they make the ceiling slightly brighter so that the rooms appear larger and higher. Effective lighting technology achieves high levels of lighting in the spacious rooms and guarantees standard-compliant, glare-free light. 

Equipped with high-quality LEDs, the luminaires guarantee a long service life, low maintenance effort and low operating costs. Even without the use of sensors, energy savings compared with conventional lighting are around 50 percent; this can be increased to almost 70 - 80 percent through light control e.g. through motion detectors in the warehouse area.


Location BayWa AG, Grundtalring 32-36, 63868 Großwallstadt
Building owner BayWa AG, Grundtalring 32-36, 63868 Großwallstadt
Architects BayWa AG CREM-Baumanagement, Arabellastr. 4, 81925 Munich
Lighting planning  BayWa AG CREM-Baumanagement Team GAT, Arabellastr. 4, 81925 Munich
Photos Frank Freihofer, Kitzingen

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