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Better learning with efficient LED lighting


Good light in the classroom benefits learning, enhances concentration and the ability to retain information. If, at the same time, the lighting offers a pleasant visual atmosphere with a high level of visual comfort, it generates a sense of well-being among both pupils and teachers. This central idea dominated the complete refurbishment of the Jean Paul School in Wunsiedel, which has been restored to its former glory. 

At the heart of the school complex, which is made up of primary and secondary school, a large sports hall and teaching swimming pool, is an old building that was built in 1929. This was refurbished with regard to energy-efficiency aspects in several steps by ARGE Dömges Architekten, Regensburg, and Kuchenreuther Architekten, Marktredwitz. The façade was restored in accordance with its historical original and the building equipped with state-of-the art technology. High demands were placed on the lighting system for this all-day school. It had to combine highly efficient LED lighting with modern light management. This requirement was fulfilled by the direct-indirect lighting of the visula pendant luminaires from Regiolux, not only in terms of lighting technology but also aesthetics.

During the refurbishment work, the existing lighting in the corridors and classrooms was replaced by visula pendant luminaires that are controlled by a KNX installation in the building. Jörg Friedrich from WUN Elektro GmbH in Wunsiedel was responsible for the conversion to modern LED lighting.

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"The visula pendant luminaires from Regiolux provided the necessary flexibility for conversion to KNX and DALI, as well as the required direct-indirect lighting components for good light in the classrooms."


Its edge light injection gives the luminaire a very homogeneous appearance, as well as glare suppression that is suitable for VDU work thanks to high-quality micro-prisms. A visula wall luminaire variant was used in the stairwells – a customised product tailored to the requirements of the school building. One big advantage was that modern lighting management could be integrated easily and safely in the luminaires. Two-circuit dimming was achieved in the classrooms without any problems, so that the luminaires in the front area can be controlled separately when a video projector is used. The lighting is controlled by a presence-dependent KNX system. Presence detectors integrated in the suspended ceilings ensure that the all of the lights are switched off as soon as the last pupil has left the room – allowing further high energy savings to be achieved.

Luminaires from Regiolux were used in other areas of the Jean Paul School too, such as the school kitchen and in the craft rooms. Here, planara recessed luminaires ensured the higher IP54 protection rating required. The lighting refurbishment was able to use funding from the climate protection initiative launched by the Federal Department of the Environment. Prerequisite for this is the use of LED luminaires including a lighting control system as well as a saving in CO2 of at least 50 percent. In the old building, a significantly higher saving of 70 percent was achieved.

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