The maximum permissible number of LED luminares differs according to manufacturer and type of electronic driver. The quantity for the specific LED luminaire type is available on request. The number of drivers per luminaire is specified on the respective product page. The corresponding technical data is provided on request. Driver-specific installation instructions, for example for 2 group switching, are documented in the assembly instructions of the luminaire.


7.2.1 Anforderungen an die Sicherheitsstromversorgungsanlagen der Sicherheitsbeleuchtung

7.2.2 Safety luminaires on central battery systems

With the requirement of operation on a central battery, only a correspondingly tested safety luminaire may be used. Even if a number of LED drivers are already suitable for AC and DC voltage, this does not mean that the luminaires may be used as safety luminaires for operation with DC voltage. Correspondingly tested luminaires that are suitable for this kind of use are available on request.

7.2.3 Safety luminaires with switchover device

If safety luminaires are fed from a central battery system in an emergency lighting case, a switching point is needed that can be positioned either outside or inside the luminaire. This immediately switches over to the central battery supply in the event of a mains failure. The luminous flux in emergency operation is 100 percent for standard drivers. If DALI controllers are used, the emergency luminous flux is defined on the basis of the factory settings or can be adjusted by programming.

7.2.4 Safety luminaires with single battery

Luminaires of this design are fitted with a driver, emergency lighting module, a rechargeable battery and charge display. An additional permanent phase that is not switched is required to charge the battery. Regiolux luminaires with individual batteries are usually designed for 3 hours of operation, other versions are possible on request.  The battery’s service life is limited so that the customer has to change the battery if the rated service life is fallen short of. The individual battery luminaire is operated with a reduced quantity of light in a case of emergency lighting. We will be happy to inform you of the exact emergency lighting current for the specific luminaires on request.
Versions with an automatic self-test or for central monitoring via a data bus make it easier for the operator or maintenance officer to check the safety luminaires routinely.

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