Regiolux provides a range of luminaires in its relevant product areas which have been certified according to EN 60598-2-24 - D rating. They comply with the requirements profile of luminaires with restricted surface temperatures for fire hazard premises. Luminaires and lighting systems must be selected and set up according to DIN VDE 0100-559.

According to the "Safety directives for electrical installations up to 1000 V" (VdS 2046), premises at risk of fire are rooms or locations or places in rooms which are subject to a fire hazard caused by

• the type of processed or stored materials,
• the processing or storage of flammable materials or
• the accumulation of dust or similar.

The fire hazard mentioned above exists in the presence of a hazardous amount of highly flammable materials which can ignite at increased operating temperatures or at increased temperatures of electrical equipment caused by a fault.

The D rating identifies luminaires with restricted surface temperature. The lighting systems are constructed so that flammable dust or fibres is/are prevented from depositing in a hazardous amount and causing a build-up of heat energy. They are built so that they withstand temperatures at which dust or fibre could ignite. They have a minimum protection rating of IP5X, flammable solid materials have them of IP4X. Their design also prevents parts or components from falling out unintentionally. The luminaires must be protected against any mechanical load.

DIN VDE 0100-559 describes the structure of a lighting system. It specifies the requirements for the planning and installation of a system. The D rating is bound to the precise specification of the installation type which we as luminaire manufacturer have to explain in detail in the installation manuals. Where needed, these manuals also contain information about the necessary safety clearances.

It also describes different measures which provide effective protection against the development and consequences of insulation faults, while at the same time ensuring safe operation of the electrical system in these area.

When selecting, planning and installing luminaires, the basic requirements for fire hazard premises must be understood. In particular, the property of being a highly flammable material must be correctly assessed.

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Electrical installations in fire hazard premises and equivalent risks Guidelines for damage prevention


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