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Functional LED light in a new form


  • Universal LED light strip with evenly lit diffuser
  • Wide range of applications in the slim diffuser luminaires area
  • Easy to install thanks to the fixing slide and diffuser device mount
  • Internal and external conduit for easy loop-through wiring

More details about ilia

Type ilia-ILG LED
Lighting technology Diffuser
Light distribution direct diffuse distribution.
Light distribution curve
Mark of conformity Heat filament test 850°C
Protection class I
Protection class 20
Impact resistance IK IK06
Ambient temperature 25 °C
Mounting type Furniture installation
Furniture mounting
Individual surface mounting
Pendant individual mounting
Surface-mounted light run installation
Wall mounting
LxWxH/DxH 1140 x 56 x 66
1420 x 56 x 66
580 x 56 x 66
Luminaire luminous flux max. (lm) 2.067 lm – 5.255 lm
Luminaire efficiencies max. (lm/W) 105 lm/W – 112 lm/W
Light color 830
LED life 50000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Operating devices ED

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