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Continuous row mounting   

Luminaire connectors up to 50 cm are possible on request. 

Video: kayak Office luminaire 

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More highlights in the brochure

  • Available as suspended luminaire with indirect components and surface-mounted luminaire with lighting accents on the ceiling
  • High quality: Made in Germany
  • Integrated "netlife" control technology
  • Exceptionally long life
  • Designed by BUSSE Design + Engineering
  • With 10 mm visible installation height, extremely flat luminaire
  • Suitable for computer workstations
  • Light run arrangement

kayak types in comparison

Type kayak-KYAI LED kayak-KYHI LED kayak-KYHIL LED
Lighting technology Prismatics Micro prismatics Micro prismatics
Light distribution direct distribution / indirect distribution for ceiling lighting direct/indirect distribution direct/indirect distribution
Light distribution curve
Mark of conformity Protection class I Protection class I Protection class I
Protection class 20 20 20
Impact resistance IK IK02 IK02 IK02
Ambient temperature 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C
Mounting type Ceiling-mounted single installation Pendant individual mounting
Pendant light strip mounting
Pendant light strip mounting
LxWxH/DxH 1250 x 321 x 39
1558 x 321 x 39
1250 x 321 x 24
1558 x 321 x 24
1250 x 321 x 24
1558 x 321 x 24
Luminaire luminous flux max. (lm) 4.568 lm – 6.414 lm 4.568 lm – 6.414 lm 4.568 lm – 6.414 lm
Luminaire efficiencies max. (lm/W) 125 lm/W – 138 lm/W 125 lm/W – 138 lm/W 125 lm/W – 138 lm/W
Light color 830
LED life 50000h L90/B10 (Tq 25°C) 50000h L90/B10 (Tq 25°C) 50000h L90/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Operating devices DALI2
DALI easy01
DALI flex10L
Features Control

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