Refurbishment project: OBI Baumarkt Haßfurt GmbH

Maximum savings in energy and electricity costs as well as minimum installation effort – these were the main requirements for OBI in Haßfurt when replacing 362 luminaires with LEDs. Realised with the modular SDT continuous-row lighting system by Regiolux. Enabling continued use of existing trunks and tool-free, one-man installation during opening hours.

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"Anything is possible" with modular SDT continuous-row lighting system

The 6,000 m² OBI DIY store in Haßfurt has been in operation since 2006. The decision-makers relied on high-quality lighting technology from Regiolux right from the start: a T8 track system equipped with fluorescent lamps. The conversion to LED started in 2018 and was carried out in different sectors during ongoing operations. One after the other, the garden centre, goods receiving and wood cutting areas were modernised with LED equipment racks with 3-row LEDs. "The increased electricity prices, but also the phasing out of fluorescent lamps and the use of government subsidies accelerated the conversion to LED", confirms Christian Wagner, Managing Director of the OBI store in Haßfurt.

In December 2022, the DIY store sales area was completed in the last conversion phase. "Although the old lighting system would certainly have worked for a few more years, but since no new fluorescent tubes will be on sale after 25 August 2023, we had to replace the existing systems sooner or later anyway", Wagner reports. On average, around 50 per cent electricity savings can be achieved and proven at the OBI store in Haßfurt due to the new lighting, which corresponds to around 55,000 kWh per year and thus an operating cost saving of more than 10,000 euros.

Savings in the various areas of use
Area Energy saving in percent
DIY store with checkout area 45 %
Garden centre indoors 51 %, light control* not taken into account
Garden centre outside (roofed) 38 %, light control* not taken into account
Incoming goods 49 %, sensor technology not taken into account
Wood cutting 66 %

*With the use of light control, additional energy savings of up to 20% can potentially be assumed.

According to the calculation basis, the replacement of 362 luminaires with LEDs at OBI Haßfurt will pay for itself within 3 years or even faster. In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced by 33 t per year. Fewer maintenance intervals are also required due to the long service life of 50,000 hours.

Putting the products in the right light

Individual solutions for different usage requirements: In the wood cutting area, legal requirements for fire and dust protection had to be met. Therefore, lighting models with IP64 protection were used here. In the garden centre, much or less daylight enters the store via a glass roof, depending on the season and weather. In order to be able to exploit all the potential of an energy-efficient lighting refurbishment, a daylight-dependent control system integrated in the continuous row system was used. The lighting control system in the SDT continuous-row lighting system is now also used in the goods receiving area. Motion detectors ensure that the lighting is adapted to requirements, which reduces energy consumption and at the same time increases user comfort. Furthermore, 29 emergency lights are integrated, which are supplied via a central battery.

Thanks to the modular system in the SDT continuous row system, the trunking can continue to be used, thus resulting in lower investment and installation costs. With the tool-free one-man installation and own personnel, the complete conversion could be carried out at OBI during opening hours. "Since we had already installed the universal track system from Regiolux, we only had to replace the gear trays. It was comparable to a light fixture, it was all quick and uncomplicated", reports Managing Director Christian Wagner.


Products used

SDT Universal mounting rail

  • The universal backbone of the light run stem
  • Suitable for all luminaires and all protection ratings
  • Fitted with 5 and 7-pole wiring
  • Taps in the module 1500, but still variable
  • Available in the colours white and silver
  • A wide range of click-fit accessories for fast installation

SDT Device mount LED

  • Efficiency, economy and looks – the choice is yours
  • Luminous efficiency and light intensity – you get both here
  • Whether a single or linear lens technology or diffuser – everything fits
  • Whatever light distribution you’re looking for – we’ve got it
  • Do you want your lighting system to fit in the Internet of Things? – DALI is IoT-ready

SDT Device mount LED IP64

  • Protection against dust and splash water
  • IP64 light modules can be positioned 100% variable in the universal support rail
  • No additional work: proven 1-man quick fit mounting principle
  • Identical ambient temperatures with long service life in all protection and installation types
  • Continuously high flexibility due to targeted combination of colours, lengths, efficiencies and light deflections
  • Sustainable packaging concept saves installation time and costs, protects the environment

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