SRT trunking system: mounting rail

One rail – unlimited light run solutions

The universal mounting rail for quick-fit mounting is the basis for our dual light run system.
Perfectly modulated with wiring, taps and lengths up to 4.5 metres, the mounting rail is the
all-rounder for all light run solutions, for IP20 as well as IP54.
Fastening technology and accessories thus make the mounting rail a start-to-finish victory in installation.

Corrosion-protected mounting rail for all types of protection

  • 100% variable: Free positioning of the light modules over the entire length of the
    continuous row
  • Single conductor for more possibilities: Light management and emergency lighting, halogen-free (BTO)
  • Fast installation thanks to integrated push system
  • Selectable current taps - maximum flexibility or economical economy
  • Ready for harsh environments: Forward-thinking sealing concept
  • Sustainable packaging saves time, costs and protects the environment



Wiring concept – maximum flexibility or economic efficiency

Choice of current taps for lighting based on needs:

Spacing between current taps: 767.5 mm for device mount modules /750, /1500, /2250


Spacing between current taps: 2302.5 mm for device mount modules /2250


Customer-specific positioning of the current tap (BTO concept)

Single conductors for more possibilities and options


  • 7 x 2.5 mm² 
  • 3 freely selectable phases
  • 2 cables for DALI or emergency light


  • 5 x 2.5 and 6 x 1.5 mm²
  • 3 freely selectable phases
  • 2 DALI control cables
  • 2 independent emergency light supplies


  • Cable cross-section
  • DALI control cables
  • Emergency light supplies
  • Number of current taps
  • Halogen-free wiring up to 11 x 2.5 mm²

Electrical connection via push system

Connected very quickly – bend up, latch in place – that’s it!

Power feed for rigid and flexible cable

Power feed with infeed socket

Outfeed (optional) with outfeed rail

  • The connection to the next light run can be realised without additional wiring.
  • Customer-specific requirements lead to numerous infeed and outfeed possibilities.
    The SRT light run is prepared for this and provides lots of concepts.

SRT trunking system

Infeed and outfeed