The Europe-wide directive for the disposal of electrical devices (WEEE) and the connected directive for concentration of hazardous substances (RohS) are applied in all countries of the European Union via corresponding legislature. The WEEE intends the designation of all devices affected by the directive (this includes luminaires) with a uniform symbol (a crossed-out dustbin).
A black bar below also symbolises that the product began being manufactured after the directive came into force.  In order to be able to trace manufacturers or importers after several years, all such companies must register themselves with a national register and designate products with company or brand names. In order that the customer may determine whether a manufacturer has registered, the company must specify its registration number on its business documents (tenders, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices). All further details are determined by national legislature.


According to German law, luminaires from private households are expressly excluded from the legislation. The same is valid for applications with disposal in usual household quantities (e.g. freelancers). For luminaires with professional use (B to B), and with corresponding quantities, each manufacturer or importer must make available a suitable network of disposal points and ensure correct disposal in accordance with valid recycling quotas. This specifically means that for all devices bearing the‚ crossed-out dustbin sign the manufacturer must bear costs for disposal from the collection point. Products not yet bearing the crossed-out dustbin are excluded from the directive and may only be sold if they have been produced before the deadline date (13.08.2005). A return or subsequent designation of such products is not envisaged by the legislator. In order to ensure that no manufacturer shirks his duty in this regard, all manufacturers are liable to register themselves in a national register for every market. The Regiolux WEEE registry number for Germany is DE 16667402.


94/62/EG Deutschland Packaging Regulation
Return and utilisation of packaging materials has been regulated by us with a framework contract with Interseroh. Mainly packaging from electrical wholesale companies, the electrical trade and electrical retail trade and their construction sites are disposed of. The Interseroh manufacturer number is 80019.

The following are deemed packaging materials:
1. Corrugated cardboard, cardboard, paper
2. PE stretch foil, plastic winding material
3. Wood and pallets
4. EPS (Styropor)

Packaging materials from suppliers that participate in the Interseroh process are collected and disposed off according to material on the customer side for free. The return and transport to the acceptance location is free of shipping and postal charges for the manufacturer. With return, the last owner forsakes all rights to the packaging materials.
More information about disposal:
ISD INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH
Stollwerckstraße 9a
D-51149 Köln
T +49 2203 9147 0
F +49 2203 9147 394

94/62/EG International
In relation to legislative requirements and thir implementation in other EU countries, please contact the responsible importer.


The directive 2002/95/EC was replaced by the directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS2) on January 03, 2013.
The European directive for concentration of hazardous substances (RohS) in electrical and electronic devices is implemented in all European Union countries by corresponding national legislation.
Regiolux works on the basis of this directive and has involved its suppliers accordingly.
If there are changes with regard to the directive 2011/65/EC, due to new information or new investigations, we will of course immediately inform you within the scope of our business relationship.

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