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Light for educational institutions and offices

  • Individual or light run luminaire for surface and suspended mounting
  • Refurbishments in mind – solution for 3-wire replacement situations
  • Suitable for VDU as per DIN EN 12464-1
  • Coordinated light colour for concentration and lighting moods with tunable white and HCL
  • Flexible adjustment of lamp luminous flux with multi-lumen variants (ETM)

Fields of application:


 Group rooms and classrooms

 Conference and meeting rooms

 Treatment rooms

 Exhibition rooms

 Retail premises

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© Tino Metten, Bamberg, Composing Regiolux DE

🠖 Quicklock: quick-fit bracket system with arrester hook and safety cable

🠖 SRGVU/1500 for quick-fit mounting with SRT system: device mount for alevo 

🠖 Discrete V-design lines: echoes of versatility & variety

🠖 Create light runs easily with alevo light run luminaires

Control – alevo netlife flex55

The ideal combination of convenience and energy savings

alevo flex55 master luminaires allow the individual control of lighting scenarios. With integrated Bluetooth modules, alevo flex55 reliably takes care of not just master-slave tasks but also sophisticated control solutions. The system can be scaled to any size thanks to networking (Bluetooth Mesh) with further system components.

✔ Refurbishments with sensor technology and 3-wire lead connections
 Up to 15 luminaires in a wired master-slave solution
✔ Wireless radio network via Bluetooth Mesh
✔ Easy operation thanks to free app or radio switch
✔ Detect presence and motion via integrated PIR sensor
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alevo – light for educational institutions and offices

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