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Light for educational institutions and office

NEW! In lengths 1200 and 1500


  • Continuous row and individual luminaires in a wide variety of versions
  • Even better mounting
  • Refurbishment thought through - solution for 3-wire replacement situation
  • Optimally coordinated light colour with Tunable White and HCL for increased concentration and natural lighting scenes
  • Flexible adjustment of luminous flux with the multi-lumen versions (ETM)
  • netlife control technology with modern radio technology and classic master-slave control functions


Fields of application:


 Group rooms and classrooms

 Conference and meeting rooms

 Treatment rooms

 Exhibition rooms

 Retail premises

NEW! 🠖 Accessories drilling template

Precise and variable: effortless surface mounting thanks to drilling template

NEW! 🠖 Quicklock-Mounting-System for continuous row mounting

🠖 SRGVU/1500 for quick-fit mounting with SRT system: device mount for alevo

🠖 Discreet V-design lines and through-wiring: appealing to versatility & variety

🠖 Simply build up continuous rows with alevo continuous row luminaires

Planning a classroom with alevo

54% savings with new installation!

Old system - cubus T8 EVG:
• 10 RSXAC 1/58
• 2 units RSXAAC 2/58

Total output per room: 770 watts, CO2 emission: 0.61 t/year

New installation - alevo LED ETM:
• 10 units AVAMP/1500-240 LED 4500-2700 840 ETM (3900 lm)
• 2 units AVAWF/1500-130 LED 4700-2900 840 ETM (4100 lm)

Total power per room: 357 watts, CO2 emission: 0.28 t/year

Room dimensions: 9.60 m x 7.20 m
Room height: 2.80 m
Useful level: 0.75 m

Reflectance: ceiling: 0.7, walls: 0.5, floor: 0.2

Average illuminance:
Working plane: 530 lx horizontal, panel: 590 lx vertical

✅ CO 2 savings: 0.33t /year per classroom

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© Tino Metten, Bamberg, Composing Regiolux DE

Control – alevo netlife flex55

The ideal combination of convenience and energy savings

alevo flex55 master luminaires allow the individual control of lighting scenarios. With integrated Bluetooth modules, alevo flex55 reliably takes care of not just master-slave tasks but also sophisticated control solutions. The system can be scaled to any size thanks to networking (Bluetooth Mesh) with further system components.

✔ Refurbishments with sensor technology and 3-wire lead connections
 Up to 15 luminaires in a wired master-slave solution
✔ Wireless radio network via Bluetooth Mesh
✔ Easy operation thanks to free app or radio switch
✔ Detect presence and motion via integrated PIR sensor
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alevo mounting instruction

We explain the surface-mounted continuous row installation of the alevo luminaires with the Quicklock-Mounting-System.

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Further highlights in the brochure

alevo – light for educational institutions and offices

alevo types in comparison

Lighting technology Fresnel lens Micro prismatics Micro prismatics Micro prismatics
Light distribution direct asymmetrical distribution direct distribution direct/indirect distribution direct/indirect distribution
Light distribution curve
Mark of conformity ENEC
Protection class I
Protection class I
Protection class I
Protection class I
Protection class 20 20 20 20
Impact resistance IK IK03 IK03 IK03 IK03
Ambient temperature 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C
Mounting type Individual surface mounting
Mounting rail installation
Surface-mounted light run installation
Individual surface mounting
Mounting rail installation
Surface-mounted light run installation
Pendant individual mounting
Pendant light strip mounting
Pendant light strip mounting
LxWxH/DxH 1548 x 129 x 62 1548 x 354 x 62 1548 x 239 x 55 1248 x 239 x 55
Luminaire luminous flux max. (lm) 4.455 lm 6.129 lm 6.363 lm 5.111 lm
Luminaire efficiencies max. (lm/W) 117 lm/W 121 lm/W 136 lm/W 136 lm/W
Light color 830 827-865 830 840
LED life 70000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C), 50000h L90/B50 (Tq 25°C) 100000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C), 50000h L90/B50 (Tq 25°C) 70000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C), 50000h L90/B50 (Tq 25°C) 70000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C), 50000h L90/B50 (Tq 25°C)
Operating devices EDM DALI DT8 flex55 EDM DALI2
Features Control
Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

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