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Three solutions with different expansion levels for light management are integrated in the netlife concept.
At Regiolux, the Advanced Services department is your contact for conceptional considerations, design, project planning and commissioning of light control systems. 
Project solutions with automatic position determination can be implemented with the BTO concept.
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an area
an area
  • Stand-alone systems
    • Compact devices
    • No additional external peripheral equipment needed
    • Luminaires controlled by DALI bus
    • “connect-and-play”
    • One function group
  • Easy planning
    • Basic system data is enough for planning
    • No in-depth knowledge of DALI needed
  • Easy installation
    • A mains connection is usually all that’s needed with netlife master luminaires
    • In some cases, just a connection for external switch or add-on sensor
  • Preset functions
    • Typical functions for lighting control are integrated depending on the system
    • Functions cannot be changed, all parameters for the functions can be adjusted
  • Simple commissioning by remote control, app, DIP switches, rotary potentiometers etc.
    • Depending on the design, the parameters can be set and adjusted with simple remote controls or IR adapters with a remote control app, DIP switches or rotary potentiometers.
  • Easy operation and/or configuration per radio possible in some variants
    • Depending on the version, simple apps are available for operation and in some case configuration
netlife system solution:
  One area Areas One building, several locations
Master luminaires, canopies,
external controller and sensors
Master luminaires, canopies,
external controller and sensors
Higher-level Building Management System (BMS)
Remote control/
App System control software
x x x
Movement detection
x x x
Daylight-dependent control
x x x
Orientation light, corridor function
x x x
Guided Light
x x x
Scenes and groups
x x x
x x x
Timer, calendar
  x x
Network integration
  x x
Predictive maintenance – remote maintenance and diagnosis
Monitoring – collect, evaluate and monitor system data
Tracking – know where what is
Indoor navigation – find your way around
Heat mapping
moderate high very high


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