pirola – the luminaire with twist-fix

The extremely sturdy, moisture-proof luminaire pirola stands out through variability in all areas. This is reflected by the installation types, lumen packages, lengths and application options. The twist-fix principle makes installation easier thanks to the twist-fix bayonet closure. This is one of the advantages of the modular HF sensor unit too. It extends the range of application in every situation, at all times.

pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 4300 850hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 4400 840hgDALI2
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 4400 840hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 4400 865hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 5900 850hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 6000 840hgDALI2
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 6000 840hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1200LED 6000 865hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 4500 840hgDALI2
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 4500 840hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 5400 850hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 5500 840hgDALI2
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 5500 840hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 5500 865hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 7400 850hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 7500 865hgED
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 7600 840hgDALI2
pirola-PGPC-DV/1500LED 7600 840hgED
pirola-PGPC/1200LED 4400 840hgED
pirola-PGPC/1200LED 6000 840hgED
pirola-PGPC/1500LED 5500 840hgED
pirola-PGPC/1500LED 7600 840hgED

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