alvia pendant luminaire – weightless light with smart lighting technology

Asthetic weightlessness, designed by BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH in combination with an excellent lighting technology and top values are what make the alvia pendant luminaire unique. With wireless sensors and EnOcean technology, once again the limits of what is possible have been shifted in the area of connection convenience. With sensors and controls, you use minimal infrastructure for efficiency gains and convenience based on consumers‘ needs. The technical specifications of the luminaire practically speak a language of their own: Suitable for VDU workstations, anti-glare shielded according to current standard DIN-EN 12464-1. Its light performance makes it very easy to illuminate even dual workstations with only one luminaire. LED modules on the top of the luminaire provide an attractive lighting of the ceiling which also can be controlled separately within the light management. Room heights are emphasised impressively. All in all, a unique light which seems to defy gravity.

alvia-ALIMPR/1100LED 7000 927-965aenDALI DT8
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8600 830/830aenDALI easy01
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8900 840/840aenDALI easy01
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8600 830/830aenDALI
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8600 830/830aenDALI wireless
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8600 830/830aendim key
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8900 840/840aenDALI
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8900 840/840aenDALI wireless
alvia-ALIMPR/1400LED 8900 840/840aendim key

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