hokal – universal light run system

Light channels are an integral part of modern architecture. The hokal luminaire series can be installed both as an individual luminaire or as a light run. It is irrelevant whether a suspended, surface-mounted or recessed luminaire is required. Thanks to matched lighting technologies and corresponding master luminaires, both high-quality office applications and corridor situations can be resolved elegantly.

hokal-HLHIG/1200LED 2700 840sg RAL 9006DALI2
hokal-HLHIG/1200LED 2700 840sg RAL 9006ED
hokal-HLHIG/1200LED 2700 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
hokal-HLHIG/1200LED 2700 840tw RAL 9016ED
hokal-HLHIG/1500LED 3500 840sg RAL 9006DALI2
hokal-HLHIG/1500LED 3500 840sg RAL 9006ED
hokal-HLHIG/1500LED 3500 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
hokal-HLHIG/1500LED 3500 840tw RAL 9016ED

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