visula suspended luminaires – design concept for high-quality office lighting

Regiolux, in partnership with Busse Design+Engineering GmbH, has developed the "visula LED" design luminaire for modern office environments. This innovative luminaire combines two highly-efficient lighting technologies and guarantees a very homogenous light quality without annoying light points. The direct/indirect lighting recommended for offices is provided by suspended luminaires through LED edge lighting. visula helps create a pleasant office environment. With a scaled-back design and slim-line construction height (3 cm), all the components have already been integrated in the luminaire.
visula also shows its characteristic versatility when adjustments are made to project requirements. It comes in two different lengths and light technologies but this can be customised, as can the light colour. The indirect light proportion can also be adjusted to needs as required.Alongside its high-quality design, visula also gains points with a wealth of application benefits.

visula-VSHIG/1200LED 3700 927-965anaDALI DT8
visula-VSHIG/1200LED 4900 840anaDALI2
visula-VSHIG/1200LED 4900 840anaED
visula-VSHIG/1500LED 4700 927-965anaDALI DT8
visula-VSHIG/1500LED 6300 840anaDALI2
visula-VSHIG/1500LED 6300 840anaED

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