hokal – universal light run system

The world that we live in is based on fundamental symmetries. The selection of a clear design statement defines the quality of the new aesthetics with the hokal family of luminaires. With an almost square cross-section, Regiolux has captured aspirations towards stylistic modernity and superb technical quality. As you would expect, as a light channel, the hokal family of luminaires is a universally designed luminaire concept.
In terms of functionality, you can therefore plan with the wide-ranging spectrum of a Regiolux luminaire family. The applications are correspondingly varied. The integrated luminaires are available in single or double tube form, for recessed ceilings and panel ceilings. Lighting arrangements with surface-mounted and suspended luminaires, purely direct or direct/indirect beam distribution options can be implemented economically and to match corresponding requirements.
A great variety of lighting technologies helps to achieve the optimum lighting atmosphere. This also ensures that viewing comfort, visual performance and safety always achieve the best grades as assessment criteria for lighting different types of rooms.

hokal-HLEG/1200-1LED 2400 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
hokal-HLEG/1200-1LED 2400 840tw RAL 9016ED
hokal-HLEG/1500-1LED 3800 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
hokal-HLEG/1500-1LED 3800 840tw RAL 9016ED

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