greenKit - refurbishment made easy

Focus on refurbishment with safety

With LED elements, the lighting now benefits from a long LED service life and longer maintenance intervals as a result, as well as modern efficiency. The replacement also improves the light quality and the use of ETM+Dali driver technology ensures a flicker-free luminaire according to ecodesign guidelines. Computer workstation compatibility is also handled here. Another advantage is that no reworking by painters, cleaners or dismantling is necessary. When refurbishing external luminaires, the appearance is also preserved. The quick installation by magnetic mounting is another plus. The GreenKit is a sustainable solution for legally compliant refurbishments.

greenKit-Typ2/1500-T8LED 830tw RAL 9016DALI2
greenKit-Typ2/1500-T8LED 830tw RAL 9016ED
greenKit-Typ2/1500-T8LED 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
greenKit-Typ2/1500-T8LED 840tw RAL 9016ED

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